A bit about me

I have been making and designing gifts for about 10 years. I have a lovely husband and two beautiful children and my handmade gifts all started when my children were tiny.

A friend suggested that I did a craft fair with her as it might be fun and see how it went. I have always made crafty bits and so I had a good think about what I could make and came up with a small range of polymer clay fairies. I got the bug for craft fairs and have attend many all over the country through the years.

The little fairies were great fun and I still make a few but in 2011 I wanted a new challenge and had another mad idea! My husband and I invested in a laser cutting to put the plan into action. A range of shabby chic inspired designs drawn on the ideas I had used with my clay but translating the same little characters with cheeky smiles into wood.

I love my job and really enjoy thinking of and developing new ideas. The little faces on my characters always make me smile and I hope they make you smile too.

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